So I may have to retract what I had said before about meats. The thing is beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to diving and sometimes it’s hard to pass up on something so awesome! Last night a couple friends and I were diving some new spots and we found this glorious ham! Bone in and around a $40 price tag still on it. This thing was perfect! I contemplated for a bit as the packaging was a little odd with the vacuum seal being wrapped in a plastic bag, but then I saw that the ham was smoked which is my favorite so I had to take it. This thing is massive and delicious! I cooked a little up for breakfast with some nice bread we got last night as well. The sizzle and fat from this thing tastes like Canadian back bacon!  img_20170217_2456272961


Dumpster Dessert!

The other night I was fortunate enough to find some wonderful Greek yogurt that had been thrown out because the containers were bent in and didn’t keep up to the stores standards. They were awesome flavors of vanilla and coconut! Mixing them with some frozen blueberries that were found last week it became the best dumpster dessert I could ask for! Super fatty and flavorful to fill me up before bed. Thank you dumpster gods.img_20170131_222949048