About me and why.

Hey all, this blog is being made in the name of saving food and living a cheap student life. Although I won’t go into detail of locations and times I will however go into detail of strategies and the knowledge I have gained from my experience from diving while living a healthy active lifestyle.

In the past I have seen dumpster diving as something that the few poorest people do to get by on life during hard times. While living on my own for a five years now I have learned many skills of how to save money and cut corners when needed. But to me dumpster diving has become more than that. To me it has become a way of  helping the environment by displacing my consumerism of buying less products from stores. I think this can relate to how I was raised on the belief that nothing on your plate should be wasted and how the same goes for food in the fridge. Obviously there will be some waste in not everything can be saved but at the same time at this current moment in time people like to through away so much that is still useful to others.

And that’s the main reason for this blog. I want to educate others to take part in this fun exciting hobby of mine to save money and food from the landfill.

Through out my posts I will try to go into detail of do’s and don’ts. I hope you all enjoy.